Wessels’ Farms is a third generation company. Its founders, Henry and Anna Wessels, emigrated from Germany to Queens, New York in 1923. Henry, a master carpenter, started a construction business in Queens. In 1945, because of the scarcity of lumber during WW II, Henry saw an opportunity for a new business. He, Anna, and their seven-year-old son Al, moved to Otisville, New York. Henry started a lumber mill and Anna started a small poultry farm on the property. After two years, the Wessels relocated to the other side of Otisville and expanded the poultry farm. The farm was successful for many years, with Al taking over most of the day to day responsibility of the farm.

Henry retired in the early 1970s and started a vegetable garden. After a few years the garden became so large that he started to sell produce to the public while Al and his mother ran the poultry farm. To help his father stay busy, Al built a 25’ X 50’ greenhouse to grow seedlings for his garden. The greenhouse was an instant success. Henry started to grow flowers and hanging baskets along with the vegetable plants to sell to the public.

As the greenhouse business grew, the poultry farm got smaller. Taking down chicken houses to put up greenhouses became an annual event on the farm. With the added growing space, Wessels’ Farms started wholesaling bedding plants to local garden centers. By this time Al found himself devoting more and more time to growing plants. In the late 1970s Al was in full control of the poultry and greenhouse businesses. In the fall of 1982 Al made a momentous decision. Due to poor egg prices, high feed costs and the cholesterol scare, he chose to close down the poultry farm. Al began to devote his full time to his father’s greenhouse business, which had grown to 50,000 square feet.

Al was a very innovative grower being one of the first in the early ‘80s to germinate seedlings in plug trays. Based on his innovation, Wessels’ Farms started a new division called WESPLUG for the purpose of selling plug seedlings to other greenhouses. Al’s children, Susan and Michael, decided to remain in the family business after graduating from college and continue today as co-owners of Wessels’ Farms.

Today, Wessels’ Farms has grown to 200,000 square feet of greenhouse space and 5 acres of outdoor production area. Currently, Wessels’ Farms produces 25,000,000 plugs; 130,000 bedding and perennial flats; 125,000 summer annuals in assorted sizes; 110,000 hardy mums in assorted pots; and 30,000 florist quality poinsettias. Wessels’ Farms remains a thriving business in upstate New York and we look forward to future generations continuing our mission.

Wessels’ Farms has been successful because we take our mission seriously. Our mission is to ship our products on time and fulfill our promise of excellent customer service, quality plant materials, and competitive pricing to each and every customer everyday. Wessels’ Farms backs its products with a 100% approval guarantee. We take pride in our mission and we continue to work hard to provide our promise to you. We would like to thank all our customers, past, present and future, for their patronage allowing us to be the successful farm we have become.


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